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Waters Unveils iPad Application for HPLC Key Consumables

Waters Corporation has unveiled a suite of capabilities within one Apple iPad application that ensures customers can quickly and easily choose the most appropriate Waters® ACQUITY UPLC® sample plates, vials and filters in a matter of seconds. Find the free app in App Store in iTunes.
“We are very excited to leverage the mobile communication technology that is becoming more important in today’s laboratory environment,” said Dr. Mark Baynham, director, channel management at Waters. “Many of our customers are extending the use of mobile devices into their professional lives, including laboratory management. For those customers, we have approached the development of our iPad app with the same level of understanding and commitment to innovation that Waters brings to all product development. The initial app has been designed specifically for the iPad platform and sets the stage for future innovative tools designed for lab scientists.”
   Simply walk through the steps and each of the capabilities within this Waters app will make recommendations tailored to your needs, along with alternative options.

Plate Selector:
Enter basic information on sample volume and sample quantity, and the selector will identify the best ACQUITY UPLC plate for your application, along with alternative options.

Vials Selector:
The Waters vial selector offers vial options matching the criteria you entered, such as the system you are using, sample volume, detection method and light sensitivity of analytes.

Filter Selector:
Determine the most appropriate filter for your analysis in three easy steps. By entering the particle size, sample volume and sample type into the filter selector, it will identify the most suitable filter.

Developed with an architecture that allows for future expansion and updates, without needing to install a new version of the app from the app store, Waters’ suite of iPad capabilities is designed to take advantage of the iPad functionality combined with Waters’ understanding of customers’ needs to enable customers to make effective decisions. Development of the app was a direct result of the technical collaboration between Waters and Roundarch, a leader in digital design and development for the world’s largest organizations.
   “The Waters iPad app is a great example of how the iPad can transform the B2B space. The scientific user community can navigate and select recommended parts based on a desired configuration to save, email or order them. The success of Waters’ suite of capabilities is rooted in the company’s innovative vision and a deep understanding of laboratory science. A strong partnership and relationship with Waters provided the creative freedom to build an innovative and sophisticated app.”said Parag Thakker, engagement director at Roundarch.
   To download and install the Waters iPad app, please visit