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Distinguished Service Award to Jan Børge Jakobsen

The board of the Association of Laboratory Managers (ALMA) has decided to give the prestigious 2009-award to Jan Børge Jakobsen, Director of Analytical Sciences, MDX R&D.
The Association of Laboratory Managers (Previously Analytical Laboratory Managers Association) gathers laboratory managers from all over the world, across all fields of industry, public laboratories, CRO’s and academia. ALMA shares knowledge and skills in HR issues, benchmarking, KPI measurements, LEAN, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, choice of instruments, ring tests, software/automation, globalization of operations and other topics related to laboratory management.
   The ALMA board says: “Jan Børge Jakobsen will receive the Distinguished Service Award for Laboratory Management at the ALMA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia , USA on Friday , October 30, 2009. In his role as a Laboratory manager for many years, Jan has demonstrated his accomplishments in mentoring numerous other managers, implementing many improvements in the laboratory as well as participating in ALMA meetings as speaker and participant.”
   Jan Børge has actively used world standard tools and initiatives for laboratory management. He has driven growth based on the issues that have been focused by ALMA over the years:
• Benchmarking and “Voice of Customer” survey of his lab with leading international
   consultants and industrial partners.
• Establishing KPI as a practical tool
• Never compromising compliance.
• Always supporting innovation.
• Actively using VSM and LEAN – looking for new and rational ways of working.
• Great efficiency gains by new software implementation and automation.
• Always keeping an eye on people issues: the inspiration, safety and welfare of his staff,
   transparency and communication, as well as perception of his laboratory.

The efficiency of Analytical Sciences has been considerably improved under his leadership, measured by the number of methods developed and a near doubling of samples handled per year.
   Jan Børge will be the first laboratory manager in GE world wide to receive this award, and the first awardee from Europe.