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Chemical Industry dismissive of non-official REACH lists

Mr. Guido Sacconi, MEP, and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) today (31 March 2009) launched a “Trade Union Priority List for REACH Authorisation” to contribute to the practical implementation of REACH, proposing to include it in the Candidate List for REACH authorisation.
Cefic contributes actively to the application of the legislation on occupational safety and of REACH. Cefic therefore regrets the publication of such a list, which has no legal value and is not part of the REACH process. It includes a whole range of high volume substances, which are only used as intermediates and therefore do not even fall under authorisation.
   The REACH process is governed by the European Chemicals Agency, which is the sole body responsible for publishing the Candidate List of substances that will undergo further evaluation and which might end up on the official Candidate List, i.e. the substances eligible to come under the authorisation element of REACH.
   On June 30, 2008 ECHA published a first list including sixteen substances. This list will be complemented by additional substances proposed by the member states. Again, the responsibility for this process lies exclusively with ECHA and the EU member states and Cefic believes that any list published outside this process is of no help at all.
   Under REACH, as in any authorisation procedure for chemicals, the interested companies may submit an application for authorisation to indeed get the permission to market the substance. In the case of REACH this requires that companies are able to demonstrate the safe management of the substances.
   Cefic for its part is making a major effort to help the industry to fulfil the REACH requirements, including on authorisation; the chemical companies are fully mobilised to comply with REACH and demonstrate the safe management of chemicals in commerce and in the supply chain.