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Safety filters now with integrated water separator

“No two filters are alike – but always just as the customer needs them!” – this is the motto under which Coperion GmbH will be presenting its extended range of filters for pneumatic and materials handling systems on its exhibition stand F2-G4 in Hall 4 at Achema in Frankfurt/Main from 11th to 15th May 2009.
 Being equipped with an integrated water separator, the new FD Series filters are the first of their kind to separate dust particles and water droplets in one single housing. Used as safety filters, they serve – depending on their application in the pneumatic system – to protect either the machine or the product. They have an extremely high filtering/separating efficiency of 99.97% and are space-saving, reliable and economical. These innovative FD combi filters and separators have been developed and optimized by the Weingarten/Germany-based Coperion Competence Centre (formerly Coperion Waeschle) in close collaboration with customers. They complete the wide range of well-proven cleaning filters and cyclone separators, which are manufactures on the own premises of this leading supplier of materials handing solutions.
   “All filters manufactured by Coperion meet the customer’s needs for an efficient solution for their own specific compressed air systems,” says Paul Erasmus,General Manager Service, and adds: “Our new, standardized FD combi filter and separator requires less space thanks to its dual function and is an efficient safety filter that has often proved its capabilities in practice.”

Optimized cleaning system reduces filter maintenance costs
A further new product making its début at Achema is the Jet Cleaning System for venting and similar filtration systems that have to be cleaned at regular intervals. The new system has evolved from the existing and already highly efficient cleaning system optimized in countless May 2009 Page 2 extensive tests and trials in a specially built filter testing installation. “When it comes to cleaning filters, the devil is really in detail,” says Michael Dürr, Head of Technical Centre. “More than a dozen parameters must be perfectly coordinated in order to obtain the three necessary performance features – high cleaning efficiency, low compressed air consumption and long service life time of the filter elements. Precisely for this reason we have subjected jet cleaning systems and various filtration materials to extensive tests regarding efficiency, wear, service life and operating costs.” The final results: in the Jet Cleaning System, the filter dimensions, the quantity and arrangement of the cleaning jets and the intensity and frequency of the air blasts are configurated to give optimum performance while at the same time drastically reducing operating costs to a minimum.
   Since February 2009, the filter testing installation in the Technical Centre at Weingarten has also been available for industrial scale trials with filtering and separating systems for specific customer applications. These tests permit Coperion to determine compressed air consumption and filter changing intervals prior to the customer’s purchase of a filter system, thus enabling reliable predictions of operating costs and, at the same time, a reliable prediction of the amortization period.