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Pump 11 Plus Single or Dual Syringes

Harvard Apparatus has introduced the Pump 11 Plus Syringe Pump featuring a smoother flow and updated features to create a high performance syringe pump with a basic syringe pump price!
With this low flow syringe pump you can set a specific flow rate or target volume allowing accurate delivery of fluids.
   Choose from the standard infusion only models or the advanced infusion/withdrawal models. The advanced models have dual RS-232 serial ports for computer control or daisy chaining multiple syringe pumps. Does your application require micro flow rates? Choose the Pump 11 Pico Plus syringe pump. The Pico Plus is ideal for cellular injections, FIA or capillary LC applications.
   Harvard Apparatus is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative and specialized products to enhance bioresearch.