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Millipore Unveils Mobius® FlexReady Solutions

Millipore extends perspective on operational flexibility in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, announces the launch of its Mobius FlexReady Solutions. The four Mobius FlexReady Solutions are made up of Flexware™ single-use filter assemblies and process-ready hardware systems optimized for clarification, media and buffer preparation, tangential flow filtration (TFF) and virus filtration unit operations. They are accompanied by extensive Millipore support and services that help customers maximize resource productivity and reduce risk.
   With Mobius FlexReady Solutions, users can install equipment, configure applications and validate their processes quickly and easily, significantly shortening development and manufacturing time. The pre-assembled, pre-tested Flexware assemblies include leading Millipore technologies, such as Millistak+® Pod filters; Pellicon® 3 TFF cassettes, Viresolve® Pro parvovirus removal filters, Millipore Express® sterilizing-grade filters and Lynx® sterile connectors; as well as Mobius single-use mixing and storage systems. The process-ready hardware systems are ergonomically designed for faster setup, maximum adaptability to changing process needs and minimized operator error risk.
   “Mobius FlexReady Solutions now set a whole new standard for operational flexibility,” says Paul Chapman, Millipore Corporation’s Vice President, Downstream Processing. “Customers want more flexibility with varied batch sizes, faster processing times and more efficiency in their unit operations. We developed the Mobius FlexReady Solutions based on these requirements and with a large degree of engineering and device integration analysis.”