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Millipore Launches Next-Generation Parvovirus Safety Solution

Viresolve® Pro Solution designed to provide highest levels of retention assurance and productivity.
Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, introduced the Viresolve Pro Solution, a next-generation virus clearance solution.
   The Viresolve Pro Solution represents a major leap forward in virus clearance technology, with a patent pending membrane, a newly designed device format, new highly sensitive performance tests and a comprehensive range of services and virus clearance expertise. Manufacturers of biotech products derived from recombinant cell lines or human plasma are well aware of the risk of virus contamination which requires the most robust virus clearance solution available.
   "It is the combination of innovative features in the product and the way it is manufactured which will ensure peace of mind for our customers concerned about virus safety,” said Paul Chapman, Vice President Downstream Processing, Millipore Corporation. “This product has been developed through very close collaboration with key innovative biotech players in the US and Europe.”
   Based on an innovative, dual layer PES membrane designed to simultaneously deliver high parvovirus LRV, capacity and flux, the new Viresolve Pro device formats will enable productivity gains from process development to full-scale production. Testing performed with Viresolve Pro devices has shown capacities in excess of 3000 g/m2 in 75% of all molecules tested. All of the device formats are fully disposable and shipped gamma irradiated.
   "The intersection of high titers, evolution of process platforms and increasing focus on cost of goods sold spell out a need for robust high capacity unit operations, said Marty Siwak, Director, Biomanufacturing Science Network, Millipore Corporation. “Our customers see that the high throughput and viral reduction security of the Viresolve Pro solution fit those needs perfectly."