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Achema 2009 stays on the road to success

Interest of Exhibitors and Congress Participants remains strong, so Achema 2009 stays on the road to success. The trend for internationalisation continues, and it's also a keen interest in the congress.
Achema 2009 from May 11th - 15th in Frankfurt am Main is still on the road to success. So far the econonomical situation has had no consequences for the leading worldwide event of the process industries.
  "We assume that ACHEMA 2009 will be even a bit larger than ACHEMA 2006", said Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kreysa, CEO of DECHEMA and organizer of Achema, on the occasion of a press meeting on January 27th in Frankfurt.
   Exhibitors continue to show a high level of interest.
   "We notice the aspiration rather not to miss an event like Achema - especially in a time like this." As the most important international exhibition congress for chemical engineering and the process industries ACHEMA is the platform for new technologies and products, but also for worldwide exchange and setup of new business connections. The trend for internationalisation of the c. 4,000 exhibitors expected continues. Booked space so far (January 2009) is only 1.5% below the final level of Achema 2006, and new bookings are arriving every day. The exhibitor list is updated daily and available on

Various drivers of innovation
Up to now, there is no significant shift between exhibition groups. Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Fittings make up the largest group of exhibitors (944 on January, 28th), and numbers are still growing. They are followed by Laboratory and Analytical Techniques (671 exhibitors), Engineering (567 exhibitors) and Thermal Processes, Mechanical Processes, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Techniques and Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Storage Techniques.
   Achema 2009 is once again the innovation forum for the process industry. Energy efficiency remains an important driver for innovation, as well for individual components as for measurement and control technology. Process intensification maintains a crucial role. In addition, new topics like advanced fluids and microreaction technology have also entered into industrial applications, and some interesting new developments can be expected.

Trend for internationalisation continues
The proportion of international exhibitors at ACHEMA continues to grow. The quota of foreign exhibitors at ACHEMA 2009 is increasing further in comparison with 2006. Compared to 44% in the year 2006, the organizers expect a plus of 2%. Noticeable is e.g. the increasing number of Chinese companies: In 2006 57 of them attended the exhibition. This year, there are already 84 bookings from China.

Keen interest in the congress
Expectations for attendance are also optimistic. Exhibitors make extensive use of the new ticket booking system. "Via exhibitors, we reach new target groups" explained Professor Kreysa. And there is another indication that the number of visitors will be high: From experience, it correlates with submission of papers, and the response to the congress was noticeably higher than in the past. The program consists of 925 lectures on topics like white biotechnology, advanced fluids / ionic liquids, microchemical engineering, process intensification and energy generation and supply. Many of them are also covered by the exhibition, but several sessions present emerging trends. "Topics of today`s congress will be seen in tomorrow`s exhibition" summarized Professor Kreysa the interplay between the two aspects of Achema. Besides the main lecture series special sessions deal with upcoming research trends like microalgae.

Panel discussions pick up topics of public interest
Four panel discussions with high-ranking personalities from politics, economy and science are addressing topics of public interest: "Raw materials off the field - Help by genetic engineering?", "Biosafety Regulations - how can we find a proper level?", "Tomorrows` university - from 'Reformstau' to 'Reformstress'", "Energy Supply in the Future - difficult decisions between statism, market and opportunism" are the questions; panel members include Sigmar Gabriel, German Federal Environment Minister, Dr. Stefan Marcinowski, member of the BASF executive board, Prof. Dr. Ferdi Schüth, director of Max-Planck-Institute of Coal Research and vice-president of DFG (German Research Foundation), and Heather Sheeley, Health Protection Agency (GB) among others.

Special Show
The Special Show "Chemistry and Biotechnology for Renewable Resources and Energy" brings together exhibitors presenting established processes as well as processes that are still in the stage of development. Topics include processing of renewable resources, biopolymers, solarchemical processes, energy storage and photovoltaics. "As this is a cross-sectional topic which is part of the portfolio of many exhibitors, it will not be restricted to the special show but run through all exhibition groups" predicted Professor Kreysa. Thus, the special show touches also the traditional general topics at ACHEMA, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection, which are presented by c. 1,000 exhibitors each.

Partnering Conference Industrial Biotechnology
At the "Industrial Biotechnology Exhibition and Partnering Conference" on May 12th and 13th, national and international research institutions and companies present their application-oriented and market-ready products and services as well as cooperation opportunities.