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DNA purification systems for in vitro diagnostics

The Fujifilm products QuickGene-Mini80, QuickGene-810 and DNA whole blood kit have now CE IVD mark.
Already deployed successfully for years, the QuickGene systems can now be applied as CE IVD marked pre-analytic method for molecular diagnostics.

The key technology distinguishing the QuickGene systems from comparable products is Fujifilm’s patented 80 μm porous membrane, which selectively binds nucleic acids. This ultra-thin membrane with uniformly fine pores and a large specific binding surface ensures high yield and outstanding purity. The membrane’s unique features allow DNA extraction using air pressure, with no need for centrifugation.

QuickGene-Mini80 CE IVD is an innovative small and lightweight tabletop device measuring only 28 x 18 cm and weighs just three kilograms. With the QG-Mini80 CE IVD, genomic DNA can be extracted manually from 8 samples simultaneously in just 12 minutes. With its ease of use and convenient price, the QG-Mini80 CE IVD is highly attractive for smaller diagnostic laboratories and suits very well as a backup system for urgent assays in the HT diagnostic labs.

QuickGene-810 CE IVD is a semi-automated device suitable for medium-sized labs. This is also a very compact, space-saving table-top device that enables the extraction of genomic DNA from 8 whole blood samples in only 6 minutes. Since QG-810 utilises air pressure for the process, the extraction steps are being monitored.

The genomic DNA isolated by using the DNA whole blood kit CE IVD and the QuickGene devices is intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in such fields as transplantation (HLA typing), oncology, haematology, pharmacogenetics, prenatal and preventive medicine. It is ideally suited for human genomics applications such as PCR, DNA microarrays, sequencing, restriction digestion and other molecular biology methods.