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Poland supports ESS in Lund

Poland has become the third country to formally support the ESS Scandinavia proposal to build the European Spallation Source research centre in Lund in southern Sweden. The Government of Poland and the Government of Sweden have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to attract the ESS to Lund.
Poland will join the Nordic-Baltic Platform that ESS Scandinavia is currently assembling. Poland and Sweden will now try to set up joint technological and training opportunities for future cooperations, and together explore funding opportunities for the construction and operation of the ESS, which will be the world’s most powerful neutron source for materials science.
   - We are delighted over the support from the Polish Government, says Professor Colin Carlile, Director of the ESS Scandinavia Secretariat at the Lund University. Poland is a large country at the heart of Europe, and its support will further strengthen the case for ESS being built in Scandinavia.
   - Poland has a long history of advances in this scientific field, and a large pool of excellent young researchers. For a long time, we have benefited from friendly and professional contacts with scientists in Cracow, Poznan and Warsaw.
   - We look forward to building the ESS together with Polish scientists!, concludes Colin Carlile.