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Lars Ole Ørjasæter

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Welcome to Kjemi and Our Web Site in English

Kjemi is the only Norwegian Chemical Journal covering the entire chemical industry. Kjemi's readers are mainly member of professional organizations, and they are closely connected to the chemical world, either by education or by their work. Read more about the journal, how to contact us and our rates and conditions.
Our readers are Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Scientists and others related to the field of Chemistry. Kjemi’s editorial content covers a wide area within the chemical field – from scientific works to operative projects and processes. Chemical engineering plays a very important role in almost any industry today.

Kjemi is a periodical with 6 issues per year. Circulation is 2.200 copies (2016). For certain events (exhibitions etc.) extra copies are printed and distributed.

For further details about Kjemi such as publishing dates/final copy dates, readership, prices and other technical information, please see below.

Circulation, Rates and Conditions

Circulation is 2.200 copies (2016).

Our Readership
Kjemi reaches Graduate Engineers and Scientists within management, production, consulting, researching and development – people who have both advisory and dicision-making authority.

Kjemi covers these activities: The process of farm, fish, oil, and gas products, the manufacturing of fertilisers, plastic and rubber, medicines and other pharmaceutical products, cellulose and paper, paints and varnish, as well as the production of aluminium, magnesium, ferrous alloys, iron and steel.

Kjemi has also enjoyed a strongly increased readership in the health services sector, in research, in education and in the public sector departments.

Issue Plan 2016
No.              Published     Final Closing Date
  1-2016          04.02.               19.02.
  2-2016          01.04.               15.04.
  3-2016          27.05.               10.06.
  4-2016          26.08.               09.09.
  5-2016          30.09.               14.10.
  6-2016          11.11.               25.11.

Advertising Rates 2016
Format (unit size)     Breadth x Hight                            Price (4C)
1/1 page                 185x260 mm                           NOK 16.500
1/2 page                 185x133 mm or   87x260 mm      NOK   9.500
1/3 page                 185x  87 mm or   58x260 mm     NOK   7.500
1/4 page                   87x133 mm or 185x  64 mm     NOK   6.000

Technical Data and Other Specifications
Columnes:                   3 Column with: 58 mm
Paper quality:               100 g Matte
Screen:                        56-60 lines
Format:                        A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Trim size:                    185 x 260 mm
Bleed:                         +5 mm all sides
Printing method:           Offset
Inserts:                       Ask for price
Printing material:          High res. PDF Other: ask for info.
Special position:           Plus 10%
Bleed:                         Plus 10%
Final closing date:         3 weeks prior to publication

Advertisement Booking

Bjørn Kjetil Sagerud, Sales Manager
Mob. +47 995 70 107

Editorial Contact

Lars Ole Ørjasæter, Editor-in-Chief or
Tel. +47 23 15 85 00

Postal Address
P.O. Box 119 Manglerud
NO-0612 OSLO

Telephone: + 47 23 15 85 00

Org./VAT # NO 958 168 799 MVA